Jul 052015

Hi friends !!!

You might have noticed that I have been sharing many of my daily south Indian recipes for the past few months. I recently shared my 10 south Indian chutney recipes and I got lot of lovely feedback from you. So, here is again a quick collection of my south Indian dosa recipes.

These are all my weekly breakfast recipes, I will try and post more soon that are a fusion like mexican and chinese !! So, hope you will try these and enjoy 🙂

Also, do not forget to send me your recipes pictures for the recipes that you tried out from my blog. You might win a prize – either GRILL PAN or a SANDWICH TOASTER 🙂

For more details, check out this link – Giveaway contest 2015.

12 south Indian Dosa recipes collection –

  1. Masala dosa
  2. Oats dosa
  3. Ragi dosa
  4. Chickpea dosa
  5. Lentil dosa or adai
  6. Mixed vegetable dosa
  7. Whole wheat dosa
  8. Crispy south Indian dosa
  9. Poha dosa
  10. Poha-oats dosa
  11. Spring roll dosa
  12. Soya dosa

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    variety of dosas tasty tasty!!!! nutritious and value addition a mix of protiens and carbs good balanced dosas good collections


    Best dos menu.


    Lovely dosa menu .. such a versatile dish 🙂

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