Aug 062015

As promised earlier, here I compile my list of very regularly made Indian breakfast recipes or tiffin recipes. I have been getting requests to add more of kid friendly tiffin recipes too. So, this list here is also a wonderful collection that can be prepared and packed for your kid’s lunch or tiffin.

There are many tiffin recipes in the blog already, but here I have compiled the most regular and common recipes prepared in an Indian household.


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16 BREAKFAST recipes  — tiffin recipes for kids

  1. Regular Idly
  2. Regular Dosa
  3. Uttappam
  4. Aloo Paratha
  5. Poori with aloo curry
  6. Oats idly
  7. Sooji or suji or semolina Upma
  8. Easy Vermicelli upma
  9. Broken wheat or cracked wheat upma 
  10. Rava or suji idly
  11. Ven Pongal (Khara pongal)
  12. Medu vada or garelu
  13. Egg muffins
  14. 100% whole wheat bread – homemade
  15. Cheese toast
  16. Vegetable vermicelli upma


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