Aug 072015
South Indian Upma - version 2

A slight variation to my already posted south Indian upma recipe is this – another version of upma with some nuts. I call this another version because in my house, my husband likes nuts in upma where as I do not. So, I normally make different versions at home. My favorite is actually tomato upma without any onions in it, [Read more]

Jul 052015
12 south Indian Dosa recipes

Hi friends !!! You might have noticed that I have been sharing many of my daily south Indian recipes for the past few months. I recently shared my 10 south Indian chutney recipes and I got lot of lovely feedback from you. So, here is again a quick collection of my south Indian dosa recipes. These are all my weekly [Read more]

Jun 252015
Groundnut and curry leaves chutney

One very difficult thought that lingers in my mind every morning?? which chutney should I prepare for breakfast today !! I have already shared my most regularly prepared 10 south Indian chutneys with you all. But still, I always want something different !! So today, I was preparing groundnut chutney and while dry roasting the peanuts I wanted to add some fresh [Read more]