Dec 292014
Healthy Oats Patties (For Burgers/Sandwiches)

We all love burgers and sandwiches. They make for a quick bite and a variation from the regular meal options. But, regular store-bought patties often are loaded with lots of starch and are high in calories. Also, most of them need to be deep-fried which is not a very healthy option too. So, why not try something healthy right in [Read more]

Dec 282014
Egg Muffins

Egg muffins make for a healthy breakfast option. It is filled with a healthy vegetable stuffing too and the best part is you can add the ingredients as per your liking and preference. I like them to serve with toasted bread and juice. It is a great weekend breakfast option and even makes for a quick snack. For other breakfast [Read more]

Dec 192014
Healthy Roasted Cauliflower(Gobi) Soup - Winter Soup recipe

Cauliflowers are in season and it’s time for soup again… so this time, I am sharing my most favorite soup – Roasted Cauliflower Soup. The wonderful thing about this soup is that it is creamy without adding any actual cream. The texture is very silky smooth and I add some almond/pista paste to make it more soothing to the palate. [Read more]

Dec 052014
Pizza Pancakes (Whole wheat, Eggless, Stove-top)

People who know me will also know that I am an Italian food fanatic 🙂 I am addicted to pastas, breads and very very very importantly pizzas.. I am not sure if you believe me, but there was a time when I ate about 50-60 pizzas in 3 months 😀 Well, that actually made me realize that I have to start [Read more]

Dec 032014
Apple and Cranberry Slice (Whole-wheat)

Do you have any leftover wilting apples in your kitchen?? Want to try out something interesting?? Then, this recipe is perfect for you. I wanted to do something different with my leftover apples, so I tried this slice with dry cranberry and it was very tasty. It was great with my evening tea and I actually packed a few for [Read more]