Dec 042014
Dry Tawa Paneer (Pan-fried Cottage cheese)

I can never say no to appetizers or finger-foods. Not only do I enjoy eating them, but I love preparing them and serving for friends and guests at home. I actually have a lot of such recipes in my Snack foods column and the list just grows 🙂 Today, I share a classic Indian appetizer/starter recipe with paneer/cottage cheese – Tawa Paneer. [Read more]

Nov 042014
Tofu Tikka with Basil Pesto Sauce

‘Tofu’ is a paneer/cottage cheese-like food that is made from soy beans. It is healthier compared to paneer and tastes equally awesome. It can be substituted in every recipe that uses paneer. I have earlier posted Tofu Bhurji that was a replica of paneer bhurji which was not in any way less delicious than one made with paneer. Today, I [Read more]

Nov 032014

As promised to many of my friends, here I am sharing today Rasmalai recipe 🙂 Last week, I posted Sweet Potato jamuns that was a huge hit. Several have also tried and posted the pics, I am glad people have tried and shared it 🙂 Rasmalai is a paneer-based dessert that is dunked in a creamy condensed milk syrup. The [Read more]

Oct 072014
Restaurant-style Malai Kofta Curry (Cottage cheese dumplings dunked in rich creamy gravy)

This is my first attempt with creating restaurant-style recipes at home and I am loving it. The koftas were very tender and soft. The gravy was sensational with silky, smooth texture to it. The fennel seeds added a perfect touch of the restaurant feel and the overall curry was marvelous. No exaggerations, try this recipe and you will agree with [Read more]

Sep 172014
Paneer Dum Biryani - Updated Version

I have already posted my recipe for Paneer Dum Biryani (check recipe here) earlier. I wanted to update it slightly. My mother-in-law suggested me to add some almond paste to the biryani gravy, she tried it and came out well. So, I made it today for my hubby’s lunch-box and I added a paste of almonds and walnuts. It enhanced [Read more]