Feb 092015

This is a super easy and quick to make milk shake that is made with fresh fruits and a healthy dose of milk. This recipe does not have ice cream in it, but you can add if you want to. Also, you can add any other citrus fruits if you want to this shake depending on their availability.

This shake is tangy and sweet and a fresh touch of mint on top gives it a very perfect blend of refreshing taste. You can have it for breakfast or whenever you feel like having something that does not add many calories.



Serves: 2

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Strawberries – 8

Fresh orange juice – 1/4 cup appx. (may use orange chunks also)

Pineapple – ¼ cup (cut into pieces, may use ¼ cup juice instead)

Sugar – 2 tsp (depends on how tangy/sweet your fruits are, so adjust accordingly)

Almond extract – 1/4 tsp, optional

Strawberries – 2, to garnish

Mint leaves – to garnish

Milk – ¾ cup



  1. In a blender/juicer or mixer, add together the fruits, sugar and milk. Blend together to form a nice smooth liquid. Any small chunks left are fine.
  2. Pour into a juice glass or tumbler, top with a sprig of mint and you may optionally also add a strawberry to the glass rim as in the picture.
  3. Chill it for 30 minutes and your tangy and refreshing milk shake is ready!! You may add ice cubes if needed.   IMG_2619-3

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