Aug 012016

What to cook for lunch today? what are the options I have for a quick one pot rice recipes? which recipe can be done in a jiffy to pack for box? These are some of the frequent questions that arise in our minds when we pack food for box. Many a times I fall victim to all these questions and often I end up preparing any of the below mentioned recipes 🙂

I have always relied on rice when it comes to one pot quick meal. It is a very versatile ingredient and often you can mix up lot of veggies to get that extra power punch to your kids lunch box.

Here, I have prepared a list of 16 rice recipes that are very simple to make. These are perfect without any side dishes like curry or chutney. All these recipes are flavorful and can be done directly in a pressure cooker. I hope you will find these recipes helpful and also delicious 😀


rice recipes


List of 16 rice recipes

  1. Peanut rice
  2. Curd rice (daddojanam)
  3. Ven pongal
  4. Curry leaves rice
  5. Tawa pulao
  6. Tomato rice
  7. Coconut rice
  8. Tamarind rice
  9. Fried rice (Indian style)
  10. Peas pulao
  11. Vegetable pulao
  12. Capsicum rice (bell pepper rice)
  13. Soya biryani
  14. Bisibelle bath
  15. Jeera rice
  16. Raw mango rice (mamidikaya pulihora)

I will be adding more recipes as and when I prepare them. Do come back for more 🙂

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