Dec 032014
Apple and Cranberry Slice (Whole-wheat)

Do you have any leftover wilting apples in your kitchen?? Want to try out something interesting?? Then, this recipe is perfect for you. I wanted to do something different with my leftover apples, so I tried this slice with dry cranberry and it was very tasty. It was great with my evening tea and I actually packed a few for [Read more]

Nov 082014
Apple Jalebi (Sugar-glazed Apples)

Jalebi or Jilapi is a very popular dessert in India that is made of deep-fried dough. It is then dipped in sugar syrup to give a sweet glaze all over it. It is sooooo delicious especially all the sugar syrup oozing out and over it, mmmmm.. I am drooling. I have some apples from last week and I wanted to [Read more]

Aug 262014
Apple Pie

I have been trying to make this pie for a long long long time now, but was always scared to try it out. Especially the lattice upper crust always intimidated me for trying out this recipe. So after searching the internet for easy upper crusts I finally made it easier for myself and prepared the lattice in a rather simple [Read more]