Nov 142014
Eggless Whole-Wheat Mini-Orange Cakes - Children's Day special

Oranges are in season and it’s Children’s day today in India, so why not make a yummy orange cake so that both the kid and mom is happy? 🙂 Yeah, that was the thought I had, so here I am sharing with all my readers today, a simple easy-to-do eggless version of mini orange cake made with 100% whole wheat [Read more]

Oct 302014
100% Whole Wheat Bread

Isn’t it wonderful to bake our own bread at home? Making a sandwich or burger with home-made bread gives such a satisfying and comforting feeling, right? 🙂 Well, I love making my own bread, especially when it can be made healthy with all the ingredients available at home, I do not consider buying it from elsewhere. Bread is pretty much [Read more]

Sep 292014
Eggless Danish Pastry

This is the first time I am posting a recipe made by my husband 🙂 Honestly, I haven’t done anything in this recipe, it was completely made from scratch by my hubby since he wanted to surprise me… Oooooooh I love surprises 🙂 The pastry turned out perfect and it was super delicious. We actually skipped our dinner and had [Read more]

Sep 212014
Eggless Whole Wheat Mini Donuts

I earlier posted a recipe for doughnuts but that was using all-purpose flour/maida. Recently, lot of my friends and blog followers have been requesting whole wheat desserts and so I thought I would try the mini-donut version. It turned out great. I topped my donuts with cinnamon sugar but instead you may use chocolate glaze or caramel, strawberry or even [Read more]