Sep 192016
Eggless Banana muffins - super fluffy and light

Earlier, I posted my recipe for banana bread that is super duper moist. Here I share, banana muffins, another variation to my earlier post. I used an egg for that recipe and I got numerous requests to post the recipe without egg as well. So, here I am today sharing my recipe for banana muffins without using egg. Now, these [Read more]

May 072015
Strawberry Banana smoothie

This recipe strawberry banana smoothie needs a slight introduction 🙂 Last weekend we went on a road trip to Mahabaleshwar, India which is known for its fresh strawberries. Coming back, I bought lots of strawberries, half of which we ate on our way back 😛 and the remaining I stored them in the freezer. So, I was wondering if I [Read more]

Aug 142014
Moist Banana cake

I love banana cake or banana bread, especially if it is moist. Actually I do not like recipes that have mashed bananas in them. So, I avoided tasting banana cake for many years, but when I did I simply fell in love with it 🙂 Makes: 10 large pieces Preparation time: 10 mins Baking time: 40-50 mins Dry Ingredients: Whole [Read more]

Jul 112014
Cornflakes coated caramelized Banana with Ice-cream

I love trying different kinds of desserts with fruits available at home. I usually experiment with bananas, apples, mango and pineapple a lot. Today I wanted to have banana after lunch and decided to give it a small make-up. So made a quick and easy dessert that came out quite nice. Had some ice-cream at home and it was a [Read more]