Oct 162014
G-6 Rice (6 Greens Rice) - Healthy lunch-box recipe

Every morning is a puzzle to me, what to cook today for my hubby’s box? There are several factors that influence my morning lunch – it should be healthy, quick-to-make, easy, preferably a single-pot meal and most importantly should have a whole lot of fresh vegetables in it. Well, at the end of it, it should taste delicious 🙂 G-6 [Read more]

Aug 212014
Green bean Fries

I always crave for some crispy sides for my burgers or wraps. Potato fries is the first thought that comes to my mind, but its calorie content disappoints me. Next comes onion rings, but they too need to be deep fried in oil. So I thought why not make fries with veggies and I found on the internet that green beans is [Read more]