May 282015
Instant Chocolate Bread Pops

Today marks 1 year of my blogging journey. So, I wanted to post something really special and something that we always get nostalgic about. I gave a lot of thought and finally arrived at this wonderful – Bread pops. As a child, we all would have eaten lollypops. Well, for me, lollypop brings down lots of memories. My mom used [Read more]

Jan 202015
Quick Crazy Chocolate

This is my very quick and easy chocolate dessert recipe that is not for the faint-hearted 🙂 This recipe is for those moments when you want to indulge yourselves in chocolate chocolate and only chocolate. It has got everything – chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate shavings and biscuit 😀 Beware, I warned you !! Makes: 1 Glass Preparation time: 10 [Read more]

Sep 302014
Eggless Bourbon Biscuits

We all love Bourbon biscuits. They are incredible especially with hot coffee or tea. Whenever I buy bourbon biscuits, me and my husband finish them off on the same day. They are super tasty and just melt in our mouth. Ever since, I saw this recipe in a food blog, I wanted to give it a try. The recipe was [Read more]

Sep 232014
Chocolate Bread Dumplings - 15 minute Instant Dessert

Looking for an instant and quick dessert?? Have some leftover bread at home?? Well, then try this quick and easy chocolate bread dumplings which doesn’t take much effort to prepare. This is a perfect recipe with leftover bread slices which can be finished in about 15 minutes.   Makes: 4 dumplings Preparation time: 15 mins Bread dumplings: Leftover bread slices [Read more]

Sep 192014
Eggless Chocolate Cookies

Here comes another version of my cookie recipes. I have previously made butter cookies with chocolate glaze, this is a slight variation to it where the chocolate is not a topping but part of the cookie itself. NIce isn’t it? Well, I googled a lot for this recipe and found that these measurements give the perfect recipe.   Makes: 20-25 [Read more]