Apr 152015
Coconut Rice or Thengai sadam - simple food recipe

  Today I share my favorite rice recipe – coconut rice or popularly known as thengai sadam which is an aromatic and very flavorful food of Tamil Nadu. I ate coconut rice for the first time in Tamil Nadu when we were on a short trip to Madras or Chennai. I loved the flavors of the rice instantly. My mother [Read more]

Feb 182015
Coconut Chutney (Kobbari pachadi) - for south Indian breakfast

After posting a lot of my chutney recipes, few of which like onion chutney, peanut or groundnut chutney, ginger chutney and onion-coriander chutney were tried by many of you, I am finally sharing my recipe for the king of chutneys (if I may call it :P) – Coconut chutney 😀 This is the most often prepared and most common chutney [Read more]

Jan 162015
Easy Tomato Curry (Thakkali/Malabar curry using coconut milk)

Tomato curry using coconut milk is a very easy and quick preparation that is served either with rice or roti. The curry takes about 15 minutes to prepare and so is a good alternative for a lunch-box meal. The traditional version doesn’t have capsicum in it, but I add so that I have some form of vegetables in it. You [Read more]