Nov 262014
Creamless Creamy Penne Pasta

I mentioned a lot of times in my posts, that I am an Italian food fanatic. I can gorge over pizzas and pastas daily 😀 I have shared many number of pizza recipes – some the authentic international way and some with an Indian twist like uttapam pizza and pizza pancakes. Today I am sharing  my tomato-based creamy penne pasta, but of [Read more]

Nov 032014

As promised to many of my friends, here I am sharing today Rasmalai recipe 🙂 Last week, I posted Sweet Potato jamuns that was a huge hit. Several have also tried and posted the pics, I am glad people have tried and shared it 🙂 Rasmalai is a paneer-based dessert that is dunked in a creamy condensed milk syrup. The [Read more]

Oct 312014
Dum Aloo (Potatoes cooked in creamy sauce)

Here comes another aloo/potato delicacy – Dum Aloo. This is a very famous Indian curry made with boiled baby potatoes that are cooked slowly in a thick and creamy curd-based sauce/gravy. Everyone has their own version to this, some prepare using tomato-based sauce and others use onion-tomato based gravy etc. I do something that is a combination of both as [Read more]