May 272015
Cabbage Poriyal recipe - Cabbage stir fry

Cabbage Poriyal is a simple and easy south Indian curry. ‘Poriyal‘ as explained in my previous post – beetroot poriyal is a south Indian curry recipe that uses grated coconut. Poriyal is normally made with any sweet or mild flavored vegetable like beetroot, beans, carrots, ridge gourd etc. For this cabbage poriyal recipe, I used cabbage. Since this is a no [Read more]

May 202015
Potato kurma recipe or aloo kurma (restaurant style)

Potato kurma is a very commonly found recipe in almost all the restaurants. Often, aloo kurma is served in a lovely and rich yellow gravy. There are many ways to make this yellow gravy and I have my own version of it. This recipe is a lot similar in taste to what is served in restaurants and there are certain [Read more]

Apr 242015
Matar Paneer or Mutter Paneer - easy gravy recipe

After a short break, I am back to my all-time favorite ingredient paneer 😀 Matar paneer gravy or mutter paneer masala is a lovely creamy sauce with a soft paneer and mutter to bite onto. The actual paneer butter masala restaurant style version is very similar to my recipe here, except that I have not added any butter in my recipe [Read more]

Apr 022015
Beetroot Poriyal (Beetroot coconut curry)

‘Poriyal’ is a term used for curry made with steamed vegetables and topped with grated coconut. This is a super quick and easy recipe and can be made using any sweetish vegetables like green beans, carrot etc. Beetroot poriyal goes well along with sambar. I prefer making this with bisibelle bath too 🙂 For this recipe, I pressure cook the [Read more]

Feb 192015
No-fry Gobi-palak (cauliflower-spinach) Kofta curry

I earlier shared my recipe for restaurant style Malai Kofta that uses a very creamy and smooth gravy. Today, I share my another healthy version of kofta curry using the same gravy but the koftas are not fried here, instead are grilled. For people who do not have an oven, they can deep-fry or shallow-fry the koftas. The koftas are [Read more]