Feb 032015
Kadai Paneer

‘Kadai’ means Indian wok/pan and the name kadai paneer means paneer or cottage cheese cooked in kadai. This is another easy recipe like mutter paneer that can be prepared instantly once you have the kadai masala ready. I love the taste of freshly prepared homemade paneer for this recipe as it becomes very soft once cooked in the tasty kadai gravy. If [Read more]

Jan 212015
Mutter Paneer (Green peas and Cottage Cheese) - Semi dry curry

I have shared several paneer recipes already, some of which are dry tawa paneer, paneer in mutter gravy, paneer dum biryani, chili paneer etc. Today, I share another easy and quick recipe that goes well with roti, parathas or even rice. Paneer and green peas/mutter cooked with some spices in a tangy tomato base. This is a semi-dry curry as [Read more]

Jan 162015
Easy Tomato Curry (Thakkali/Malabar curry using coconut milk)

Tomato curry using coconut milk is a very easy and quick preparation that is served either with rice or roti. The curry takes about 15 minutes to prepare and so is a good alternative for a lunch-box meal. The traditional version doesn’t have capsicum in it, but I add so that I have some form of vegetables in it. You [Read more]

Jan 082015
Cabbage Kofta Curry - with a healthy twist

‘Kofta’ in any form makes me drool!! 😀 I have mentioned several times that any curry in the form of dumplings or patties becomes my favorite instantly. You can check out some of my kofta recipes here – Restaurant style Malai Kofta, Aloo Kofta. Today, I share with you a healthier form of kofta using cabbage. The traditional cabbage koftas are [Read more]

Jan 052015
Oats-stuffed Mirchi(Green Chili) Curry - Guest Post for Aruna Panangipally of Aharam

‘Oats’ is a very healthy food that has a good amount of fibre and helps in digestion. I normally prefer oats in my dinner as it keeps the body light and energetic the next morning. When I was thinking what to guest post for Aruna of Aharam, I had some oats at home and so I sent her this recipe [Read more]