Jan 062015
Pasta with Broccoli and Tomatoes

I have already mentioned in my previous posts, that I am a crazy fan of Italian food. I have shared several pizza and pasta recipes already in my site, some of which are – Pasta in broccoli sauce, Creamless creamy penne pasta, Baked pasta, Cony crust pizza, deep-dish pizza, multi-grain pizza and many more. Today, I share another version of pasta [Read more]

Nov 132014
Penne Pasta with White Broccoli sauce

I recently watched Jamie’s Save with Jamie on television, in which he cooked a dish – roasted cauliflower and broccoli with cheese. I really liked his idea of cooking the white sauce with broccoli and later blending it to form a thick sauce. I thought I can do the same with pasta and made it last weekend. It turned out [Read more]

Oct 292014
Subway-Inspired Corn and peas Frankie/Kathi Rolls

I have previously posted a recipe for Frankie/Kathi rolls with mexican filling, where I used refried beans and coleslaw. Today, I am sharing a quicker version to it where there are 2 fillings – one is the Subway-style corn-peas in sour cream/curd and another is a typical bell pepper/capsicum and onion tangy curry. Add a pinch of chat masala and [Read more]

Oct 102014
Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls/Indian Pav Buns

Pav Bhaji is a very famous Indian street food that is typically dinner rolls served with spicy curry and onions. Both me and my husband love street-food. Pav bhaji, pani puri, chat whatever it is, if it’s street-food, then we gotta eat it 🙂 These days due to my calorie count, we have ceased eating a lot of street-food and [Read more]