Mar 172015
Instant Oats Dosa

Continuing with my 4th post for the #healthydosa marathon, today I share my favorite recipe – Instant Oats dosa. This is very tasty, another instant recipe that needs no fermentation and also turns out to be super crisp and doesn’t need much oil for preparing. To give a brief summary, I have shared already chickpea dosa, mixed lentil dosa and [Read more]

Mar 162015
Instant Ragi Dosa or Millet Dosa

‘Millet’ or ‘ragi’ is another super food that one has to include in their diet. It has a number of health benefits and is considered on par with oats, flax etc. Millets are good in fibre, great for heart, prevents diabetes and help regulating the blood glucose levels. A dosa made with millet flour is very filling and is hence [Read more]

Mar 102015
Kabuli chana or chickpea Dosa (Garbanzo dosa) - 200 calorie meal

As part of my #healthydosa marathon that I am doing this week, today I share with you a wonderful recipe that is a boon to vegetarians. It is high in protein and low on calories with a decent amount of dietary fibre. One serving of this recipe is about 200 calories, making it a wonderfully healthy option for your dinners. [Read more]

Feb 012015
Cabbage raita or dip - low calorie, high fibre recipe

Cabbage raita is a very quick dip for any parathas or biryani and pulao. It is packed with fibre and also low in calories. The addition of dry mango powder and cumin gives it a nice tangy flavor and goes well especially with sour curd/butter milk. Serves: 2 Preparation time: 10 mins Ingredients: Cabbage – ½ cup, shredded Dahi/curd – 1 [Read more]

Jan 282015
Fibre-rich whole-wheat Bread (with walnuts and pistachios)

After a long gap of baking, yesterday I made this wonderful 100% whole wheat bread with lots of walnuts and pistachios. I already have another version of 100% whole wheat bread which was liked a lot by many of you. I have been making that bread once a week and it helps me for a quick and healthy breakfast. This [Read more]