Mar 312015
English Muffins - for a healthy breakfast

English muffins are a classic English breakfast recipe that is made using flat-type leavened bread. The bread is usually cut horizontally and toasted, buttered and eaten. The muffins are not baked, but rather toasted (I used a flat-pan). The muffins look similar to burger buns but the process and the ingredients vary for both. Muffins are comparatively denser than burger [Read more]

Jan 302015
Cheesy Aloo Kathi roll or wrap with peanut sauce

Kathi roll or Frankie is a very popular street-food in India. It is very yummy and usually made with a stuffing of either aloo/potato , paneer/cottage cheese or mixed vegetables. Kathi rolls are also a very good dinner and lunch-box options, easy to make, comfortable to pack and have it while travelling too. My previous versions of rolls were not [Read more]

Dec 282014
Egg Muffins

Egg muffins make for a healthy breakfast option. It is filled with a healthy vegetable stuffing too and the best part is you can add the ingredients as per your liking and preference. I like them to serve with toasted bread and juice. It is a great weekend breakfast option and even makes for a quick snack. For other breakfast [Read more]

Nov 162014
Fried Rice - Indian style

Fried rice is probably the one recipe I prepare atleast once a week. I find the reason behind it is because it goes along with pretty much any curry on the side – Indian or Chinese. Today we had it for lunch and I served it along with Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian. This recipe of fried rice is typically what we [Read more]

Nov 082014
Apple Jalebi (Sugar-glazed Apples)

Jalebi or Jilapi is a very popular dessert in India that is made of deep-fried dough. It is then dipped in sugar syrup to give a sweet glaze all over it. It is sooooo delicious especially all the sugar syrup oozing out and over it, mmmmm.. I am drooling. I have some apples from last week and I wanted to [Read more]