Jun 222015
Ven Pongal - Khara pongal recipe

Another classic south Indian breakfast recipe is – Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal. This is a mildly spiced rice and moong dal combination that is served hot with any south Indian chutney and sambar. Ven pongal is also a very traditional recipe in south India that is often prepared during festivals. My mother very regularly makes this for breakfast along with onion [Read more]

Jun 042015
Curry leaves rice (karivepaku annam)

Curry leaves rice (kadi pattha) is yet again a very easy rice recipe. Here, rice is cooked first and later the curry leaves powder is mixed in it. Curry leaves is an everyday home ingredient and is extensively used in south Indian cooking especially in tadka or seasoning. This curry leaves rice is very ideal for lunch box. When I [Read more]

Apr 152015
Coconut Rice or Thengai sadam - simple food recipe

  Today I share my favorite rice recipe – coconut rice or popularly known as thengai sadam which is an aromatic and very flavorful food of Tamil Nadu. I ate coconut rice for the first time in Tamil Nadu when we were on a short trip to Madras or Chennai. I loved the flavors of the rice instantly. My mother [Read more]

Apr 062015
South Indian Sambar (Homemade sambar recipe)

Last week I shared my recipe for homemade sambar masala that is very easy to prepare with just a few ingredients. Today, I share my quick and simple sambar recipe made using my sambar masala. This is a healthy side dish with rice because it has all the protein coming from the toor or tuvar dal. You can add some [Read more]

Apr 022015
Beetroot Poriyal (Beetroot coconut curry)

‘Poriyal’ is a term used for curry made with steamed vegetables and topped with grated coconut. This is a super quick and easy recipe and can be made using any sweetish vegetables like green beans, carrot etc. Beetroot poriyal goes well along with sambar. I prefer making this with bisibelle bath too 🙂 For this recipe, I pressure cook the [Read more]