Jun 222015
Ven Pongal - Khara pongal recipe

Another classic south Indian breakfast recipe is – Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal. This is a mildly spiced rice and moong dal combination that is served hot with any south Indian chutney and sambar. Ven pongal is also a very traditional recipe in south India that is often prepared during festivals. My mother very regularly makes this for breakfast along with onion [Read more]

Apr 152015
Coconut Rice or Thengai sadam - simple food recipe

  Today I share my favorite rice recipe – coconut rice or popularly known as thengai sadam which is an aromatic and very flavorful food of Tamil Nadu. I ate coconut rice for the first time in Tamil Nadu when we were on a short trip to Madras or Chennai. I loved the flavors of the rice instantly. My mother [Read more]

Dec 152014
Aloo(Potato)-Onion Curry for Indian Poori/Roti

Yesterday, I shared the recipe for making Indian Pooris/puffed bread served with a simple Potato/aloo curry. So, as mentioned in that post, today I am sharing my recipe for the curry. This is a very basic and easy curry to make with no masala powders or spices added. All the flavor comes from the ginger and green chili that is [Read more]

Dec 082014
Andhra Pappu Chaaru (Mild Sambar/Indian Lentil Stew)

This is a classic Andhra-style dal/lentil stew made by cooking vegetables in lentil and very mild spices, hence the name ‘mild sambar’. This is eaten with plain rice and a dry Indian curry on the side. It is quick to make and needs no special masala powders to prepare. Many people do add some spices to suit their taste but [Read more]

Nov 102014
Majjiga Pulusu/Spiced-Yogurt Stew

Majjiga Pulusu is a famous South-Indian stew made with beaten sour-curd/buttermilk. There are different versions to this. In my family itself, there are 2 versions – My mother’s and my mother-in-law’s 🙂 My mom makes a very mildly flavored one while my mom-in-law makes it with coconut paste and any leafy vegetable. Today, I am sharing my mom’s version of [Read more]