Feb 042015
Instant Oats Uthappam - healthy low calorie and high fibre recipe

  Oats as everyone knows is very healthy. It has a good amount of dietary fibre and is also low on calories hence making a good option for both breakfast and dinners. It is a quick option for dinners too where you need not ferment anything, you can simply prepare instant batters and mix in some curd for easy yet [Read more]

Jan 082015
Cabbage Kofta Curry - with a healthy twist

‘Kofta’ in any form makes me drool!! 😀 I have mentioned several times that any curry in the form of dumplings or patties becomes my favorite instantly. You can check out some of my kofta recipes here – Restaurant style Malai Kofta, Aloo Kofta. Today, I share with you a healthier form of kofta using cabbage. The traditional cabbage koftas are [Read more]

Jan 052015
Oats-stuffed Mirchi(Green Chili) Curry - Guest Post for Aruna Panangipally of Aharam

‘Oats’ is a very healthy food that has a good amount of fibre and helps in digestion. I normally prefer oats in my dinner as it keeps the body light and energetic the next morning. When I was thinking what to guest post for Aruna of Aharam, I had some oats at home and so I sent her this recipe [Read more]

Dec 292014
Healthy Oats Patties (For Burgers/Sandwiches)

We all love burgers and sandwiches. They make for a quick bite and a variation from the regular meal options. But, regular store-bought patties often are loaded with lots of starch and are high in calories. Also, most of them need to be deep-fried which is not a very healthy option too. So, why not try something healthy right in [Read more]