Mar 092015
Pasta with grapes - summer delight

Summer is here and the temperatures have already risen…. and in the market, there are some lovely fresh summer fruits available now, the most widely available being grapes. Last weekend, I bought some lovely grapes and was wondering if I could make something using these. I was thinking of all the combinations using them and wanted something that could support [Read more]

Feb 122015
Italian meal combo using Chef's Basket recipe kit - product review

I have already shared several Indian lunch-box meal plans and also many of my lunch-friendly combinations. Today, I share with you a wonderful and super quick Italian meal combination – creamy tomato penne pasta and bread pizza. I prepared this combination using the very delicious Chef’s Basket recipe kit – Creamy tomato in penne. I am delighted to share my [Read more]

Jan 232015
Pasta Soup/Italian Minestrone soup

We all make different types of recipes using pasta. I have shared several pasta recipes already like – pasta with broccoli sauce, dry pasta, creamy pasta and baked pasta. Today, I share another quick recipe with pasta – pasta soup. This is called Minestrone soup and it has wonderful vegetables along with pasta and Italian seasonings in it. I made [Read more]

Jan 062015
Pasta with Broccoli and Tomatoes

I have already mentioned in my previous posts, that I am a crazy fan of Italian food. I have shared several pizza and pasta recipes already in my site, some of which are – Pasta in broccoli sauce, Creamless creamy penne pasta, Baked pasta, Cony crust pizza, deep-dish pizza, multi-grain pizza and many more. Today, I share another version of pasta [Read more]

Nov 262014
Creamless Creamy Penne Pasta

I mentioned a lot of times in my posts, that I am an Italian food fanatic. I can gorge over pizzas and pastas daily 😀 I have shared many number of pizza recipes – some the authentic international way and some with an Indian twist like uttapam pizza and pizza pancakes. Today I am sharing  my tomato-based creamy penne pasta, but of [Read more]