Jun 252015
Groundnut and curry leaves chutney

One very difficult thought that lingers in my mind every morning?? which chutney should I prepare for breakfast today !! I have already shared my most regularly prepared 10 south Indian chutneys with you all. But still, I always want something different !! So today, I was preparing groundnut chutney and while dry roasting the peanuts I wanted to add some fresh [Read more]

Apr 082015
Tomato-peanut chutney (Tomato-groundnut chutney)

Chutneys are wonderful to experiment with. I am always delighted to experiment with different combinations of south Indian chutneys. I make south Indian breakfast like dosa, idly, uttappam, vada so regular at home that I often keep searching for something unique and different chutney to go with it. I have already shared some of my combination chutneys like onion-coriander chutney, [Read more]