Nov 062014
Peas Pulao recipe - mutter pulao

Pulao is such a versatile food that we can modify it depending on whatever ingredients we have. Vegetable pulao, palak pulao, methi pulao, rajma pulao etc. Pulao makes a perfect lunch-box meal and also best suits for a busy day. Today I am posting my peas pulao that I often prepare for my husband’s box. I make a simple version in [Read more]

Sep 252014
Aloo Mutter (Potato and Green Peas Curry)

I was browsing through my recipes and I realised that I haven’t added many potato recipes that I often prepare. So, I thought I would start with the basics and most commonly prepared recipes in every Indian household. The first one that came to mind was Aloo Mutter (Potato and Green peas curry). I am sure everyone of us love [Read more]