Oct 162015
Peanut rice - easy lunch box recipe

A very simple and quick recipe to pack for lunch box is this peanut rice. By using just 3 main ingredients, you can make this amazingly aromatic and flavorful rice. We know that peanuts are healthy, high on protein and raise your good cholesterol(HDL) levels when taken in moderation. Both me and KS love peanuts, I prepare peanut chutney very [Read more]

Jun 022015
Tomato dal recipe or andhra pappu recipe

Andhra-style pappu or tomato dal is a very easy and nutritious recipe perfect for everyday lunch and lunch box. It is made using tuvar (toor) dal or kandi pappu that is packed with protein and is very filling as well. In my house, this is the basic recipe that we make again and again with rice. Every month I buy [Read more]

Mar 312015
English Muffins - for a healthy breakfast

English muffins are a classic English breakfast recipe that is made using flat-type leavened bread. The bread is usually cut horizontally and toasted, buttered and eaten. The muffins are not baked, but rather toasted (I used a flat-pan). The muffins look similar to burger buns but the process and the ingredients vary for both. Muffins are comparatively denser than burger [Read more]

Mar 232015
Tofu Nuggets

‘Tofu’ is like paneer but made from soy milk. It is good in protein and a good healthy vegetarian option to use in koftas, starter recipes and gravy curries. I have shared few of my recipes with tofu like – Tofu tikka, tofu bhurji . Today’s recipe is an appetizer or can be had as a snack too. It can be [Read more]

Mar 112015
Lentil Dosa or Adai - South Indian healthy breakfast

Continuing with my #healthydosa marathon, on the third consecutive day I share another no-ferment and healthy breakfast dosa recipe – Lentil dosa or Adai. This is a classic breakfast from Tamil Nadu and Kerala that is high in protein and has nutrition packed in it. This recipe is typically made with 3 lentils – chana, urad and toor. But, I [Read more]