Mar 102015
Kabuli chana or chickpea Dosa (Garbanzo dosa) - 200 calorie meal

As part of my #healthydosa marathon that I am doing this week, today I share with you a wonderful recipe that is a boon to vegetarians. It is high in protein and low on calories with a decent amount of dietary fibre. One serving of this recipe is about 200 calories, making it a wonderfully healthy option for your dinners. [Read more]

Dec 222014
Palak Pulao/Palak(Spinach) Rice - Iron and Protein-rich recipe

Palak or Spinach is a very healthy green leafy vegetable that is known for its high nutritional benefits. It is a very good source of iron and vitamins along with a high protein content. Palak by itself has no pungent flavor, so often when we use it in a recipe like curry or rice, we pair it up with other [Read more]