Aug 262015
Curd rice - daddojanam

Curd rice or daddojanam in telugu, is a simple and very easy to make rice recipe using curd and a simple seasoning or tadka. It can be prepared within minutes and also is a very good lunch box or tiffin option for kids. Generally, I prepare this daddojanam ( curd rice) as one of the recipes for varalakshmi vratam, a [Read more]

Aug 072015
South Indian Upma - version 2

A slight variation to my already posted south Indian upma recipe is this – another version of upma with some nuts. I call this another version because in my house, my husband likes nuts in upma where as I do not. So, I normally make different versions at home. My favorite is actually tomato upma without any onions in it, [Read more]

Jun 222015
Ven Pongal - Khara pongal recipe

Another classic south Indian breakfast recipe is – Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal. This is a mildly spiced rice and moong dal combination that is served hot with any south Indian chutney and sambar. Ven pongal is also a very traditional recipe in south India that is often prepared during festivals. My mother very regularly makes this for breakfast along with onion [Read more]

Jun 182015
Paneer cake or chena cake (low fat cottage cheese cake)

Today morning when I checked my refrigerator, there were 4 half litre milk packets lying around and I was immediately confused not knowing what to do with them 🙁 I wanted to make something quick and easy without butter 😀 It suddenly occurred to me that there is something called Paneer cake (cottage cheese cake) or chena cake (Orissa special recipe). [Read more]

Jun 162015
10 South Indian chutney recipes - for idly, dosa

I shared many number of my typical south Indian side dishes for idly, dosa and vada. I shared my homemade chutney recipes, sambar and even some podis. To make it easier, I made a collection of 10 south Indian chutney recipes. I will add more as and when I prepare them 🙂         You can click on [Read more]