Sep 292014
Eggless Danish Pastry

This is the first time I am posting a recipe made by my husband 🙂 Honestly, I haven’t done anything in this recipe, it was completely made from scratch by my hubby since he wanted to surprise me… Oooooooh I love surprises 🙂 The pastry turned out perfect and it was super delicious. We actually skipped our dinner and had [Read more]

Sep 192014
Eggless Chocolate Cookies

Here comes another version of my cookie recipes. I have previously made butter cookies with chocolate glaze, this is a slight variation to it where the chocolate is not a topping but part of the cookie itself. NIce isn’t it? Well, I googled a lot for this recipe and found that these measurements give the perfect recipe.   Makes: 20-25 [Read more]

Sep 182014
Soya Uttappam (Savory Pancake with Soy Chunks) - Quick and Instant recipe

I have been craving a lot for South Indian food these days, My cravings have been so spontaneous that I am searching a lot for instant recipes. Today I wanted to have uttappam and I did not make any preparation for it the previous night 🙁 So, I thought of making it with bread, but there was no bread at [Read more]

Sep 042014
Paneer and corn Tartlets with Italian herbs

Tartlets are open pastries filled with a stuffing usually either savory or sweet. They can be eaten as starters or as a side for sandwiches and breads. I generally prepare as a side for my sandwich. Here I have shared a simple recipe with paneer and corn stuffing seasoned with Italian herbs. It is simple to make and roughly takes [Read more]