May 222015
Tawa Pulao - easy one pot recipe

Tawa (tava) means a flat pan and tawa pulao recipe as the name suggests is traditionally made on a tawa. This is a popular Mumbai street food and is made on the same tawa used to make pav bhaji. Now, when we do this at home it will be difficult to prepare this recipe using dosa tawa or pan. So, you [Read more]

Nov 172014
Aloo-stuffed Mirchi Bajji (Potato-stuffed Indian Jalapenos)

Mirchi Bajji is a very famous Indian street-food that is made from deep-fried battered long green chili/mirchi. Especially when it’s raining outside, a cup of tea along with a bowl of hot mirchi bajji is a wow moment.!! During college, there used to be a small stall near our house where they used to sell aloo (potato) stuffed bajji. It [Read more]

Nov 162014
Fried Rice - Indian style

Fried rice is probably the one recipe I prepare atleast once a week. I find the reason behind it is because it goes along with pretty much any curry on the side – Indian or Chinese. Today we had it for lunch and I served it along with Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian. This recipe of fried rice is typically what we [Read more]

Oct 292014
Subway-Inspired Corn and peas Frankie/Kathi Rolls

I have previously posted a recipe for Frankie/Kathi rolls with mexican filling, where I used refried beans and coleslaw. Today, I am sharing a quicker version to it where there are 2 fillings – one is the Subway-style corn-peas in sour cream/curd and another is a typical bell pepper/capsicum and onion tangy curry. Add a pinch of chat masala and [Read more]