Apr 292015
Easy Tomato rice - how to make tomato rice recipe

I am very partial towards food recipes that are quick and easy to make. For me, anything good for a lunch-box is a favorite. Tomato rice is again one such simple recipe with very minimal cooking and effort. I normally do not add lot of spices in my rice recipes for the only reason because lot of ingredients mask the [Read more]

Apr 082015
Tomato-peanut chutney (Tomato-groundnut chutney)

Chutneys are wonderful to experiment with. I am always delighted to experiment with different combinations of south Indian chutneys. I make south Indian breakfast like dosa, idly, uttappam, vada so regular at home that I often keep searching for something unique and different chutney to go with it. I have already shared some of my combination chutneys like onion-coriander chutney, [Read more]

Jan 162015
Easy Tomato Curry (Thakkali/Malabar curry using coconut milk)

Tomato curry using coconut milk is a very easy and quick preparation that is served either with rice or roti. The curry takes about 15 minutes to prepare and so is a good alternative for a lunch-box meal. The traditional version doesn’t have capsicum in it, but I add so that I have some form of vegetables in it. You [Read more]

Nov 262014
Creamless Creamy Penne Pasta

I mentioned a lot of times in my posts, that I am an Italian food fanatic. I can gorge over pizzas and pastas daily 😀 I have shared many number of pizza recipes – some the authentic international way and some with an Indian twist like uttapam pizza and pizza pancakes. Today I am sharing  my tomato-based creamy penne pasta, but of [Read more]

Jul 152014
Eggs cooked in spicy tomato-onion gravy (Egg Kurma)

My mother often tells me that simple ingredients sometimes make an awesome recipe. She says that when we add a lot of spices or ingredients to a dish, we mask the actual flavors of the vegetables or main ingredients in it. I realized the truth behind it only when I started cooking myself. Now I understand that for some recipes, [Read more]