Aug 072015
South Indian Upma - version 2

A slight variation to my already posted south Indian upma recipe is this – another version of upma with some nuts. I call this another version because in my house, my husband likes nuts in upma where as I do not. So, I normally make different versions at home. My favorite is actually tomato upma without any onions in it, [Read more]

Jun 172015
Vegetable vermicelli upma - semiya upma

Vermicelli upma also called semiya or seviyan upma is another commonly prepared breakfast recipe in south India. It is prepared the same way like regular rava upma, but using vermicelli or semiya. After idly and dosa this vermicelli upma is the next most frequently prepared south Indian breakfast in my home. A cup of coffee along with this upma makes [Read more]

Dec 202014
Healthy Broken Wheat Upma (Godhuma Rava or Lapsi Upma)

Broken wheat upma or godhuma rava upma is made from cracked wheat which is a very healthy form of regular sooji (semolina)upma. Broken wheat upma is high on fibre and makes for a healthy dinner option too. I use broken wheat in many forms – instant oats dosa, instant uttappam and even for cakes. Broken wheat is low on carbs [Read more]

Nov 022014
White Vermicelli Upma (Semiya Upma)

Vermicelli or Semiya Upma is a very regularly made breakfast in many Indian homes. I make it pretty much anytime, sometimes also for dinner when I need a quick one. It is very easy, quick and perfect for a lazy day. I used white vermicelli for this recipe, it can also be done with brown one and rice sevai as [Read more]