Nov 162014
Fried Rice - Indian style

Fried rice is probably the one recipe I prepare atleast once a week. I find the reason behind it is because it goes along with pretty much any curry on the side – Indian or Chinese. Today we had it for lunch and I served it along with Gobi (Cauliflower) Manchurian. This recipe of fried rice is typically what we [Read more]

Nov 112014
Minty Orange and Cucumber Salad with Nuts

Come winter and I opt for soups, they are very healthy definitely but also they are easy to make during these cozy and lazy winter nights. So, if I have to make soup then I definitely also make salad. Salads are very healthy and at the same time are best because we can mix anything and just dress it with [Read more]

Oct 282014
Vegetable Pulao

Today I am sharing a simple and basic vegetable pulao recipe that is perfect to go with lunch-box and is also a good one pot meal option. Make a nice gravy to serve along with this and it will be a perfect comforting food. Pulao is typically milder than biryani and the flavor comes mainly from adding all the whole [Read more]

Oct 162014
G-6 Rice (6 Greens Rice) - Healthy lunch-box recipe

Every morning is a puzzle to me, what to cook today for my hubby’s box? There are several factors that influence my morning lunch – it should be healthy, quick-to-make, easy, preferably a single-pot meal and most importantly should have a whole lot of fresh vegetables in it. Well, at the end of it, it should taste delicious 🙂 G-6 [Read more]

Jun 282014
Baked Pasta with sauteed Vegetables

This is my version of baked veggie pasta. After a long struggle of about 2 years I finally arrived at this recipe and have been loving it ever since. Serves: 2 Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 30 mins   Ingredients: Wheat pasta (penne/spiral/bow-tie) – 2 cups (I used spiral) Carrots – 1 cup (cut into bite-size long thick pieces) Beetroot [Read more]