May 072015
Strawberry Banana smoothie

This recipe strawberry banana smoothie needs a slight introduction 🙂 Last weekend we went on a road trip to Mahabaleshwar, India which is known for its fresh strawberries. Coming back, I bought lots of strawberries, half of which we ate on our way back 😛 and the remaining I stored them in the freezer. So, I was wondering if I [Read more]

Apr 272015
Watermelon and orange juice - summer recipe

Summer is nothing without healthy drinks, healthy juice and fresh fruits. Watermelon and orange juice is a quick summer slush and since these fruits are easily available in summers, it makes this even special to me 🙂 Watermelon is a boon in summers, it’s high water content along with its nutrients makes it a perfect summer drink and when you [Read more]

Apr 232015
Mango Banana cooler

  My mango banana cooler or smoothie is my summer savior 😀 The summer is really unbearable for me this year and no matter how much buttermilk and juices I sip, I am unable to beat the heat. My refrigerator is packed with lots of buttermilk and curd and still I am always looking for other juicy and fruity summer [Read more]

Feb 092015
Quick Strawberry-Citrus Milk shake

This is a super easy and quick to make milk shake that is made with fresh fruits and a healthy dose of milk. This recipe does not have ice cream in it, but you can add if you want to. Also, you can add any other citrus fruits if you want to this shake depending on their availability. This shake [Read more]

Jan 202015
Quick Crazy Chocolate

This is my very quick and easy chocolate dessert recipe that is not for the faint-hearted 🙂 This recipe is for those moments when you want to indulge yourselves in chocolate chocolate and only chocolate. It has got everything – chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate shavings and biscuit 😀 Beware, I warned you !! Makes: 1 Glass Preparation time: 10 [Read more]