Sep 302015
Palak paneer - spinach cottage cheese gravy

Palak paneer is a very famous Indian curry made with cottage cheese and spinach. It is a healthy side dish for roti or phulkas as it has the nutritional benefits of spinach (palak) and paneer (cottage cheese). Palak paneer tastes best when you use homemade paneer in it. It is very easy to make and I always prepare my own paneer [Read more]

Jun 182015
Paneer cake or chena cake (low fat cottage cheese cake)

Today morning when I checked my refrigerator, there were 4 half litre milk packets lying around and I was immediately confused not knowing what to do with them 🙁 I wanted to make something quick and easy without butter 😀 It suddenly occurred to me that there is something called Paneer cake (cottage cheese cake) or chena cake (Orissa special recipe). [Read more]

Apr 242015
Matar Paneer or Mutter Paneer - easy gravy recipe

After a short break, I am back to my all-time favorite ingredient paneer 😀 Matar paneer gravy or mutter paneer masala is a lovely creamy sauce with a soft paneer and mutter to bite onto. The actual paneer butter masala restaurant style version is very similar to my recipe here, except that I have not added any butter in my recipe [Read more]

Feb 032015
Kadai Paneer

‘Kadai’ means Indian wok/pan and the name kadai paneer means paneer or cottage cheese cooked in kadai. This is another easy recipe like mutter paneer that can be prepared instantly once you have the kadai masala ready. I love the taste of freshly prepared homemade paneer for this recipe as it becomes very soft once cooked in the tasty kadai gravy. If [Read more]

Jan 212015
Mutter Paneer (Green peas and Cottage Cheese) - Semi dry curry

I have shared several paneer recipes already, some of which are dry tawa paneer, paneer in mutter gravy, paneer dum biryani, chili paneer etc. Today, I share another easy and quick recipe that goes well with roti, parathas or even rice. Paneer and green peas/mutter cooked with some spices in a tangy tomato base. This is a semi-dry curry as [Read more]