May 072015
Strawberry Banana smoothie

This recipe strawberry banana smoothie needs a slight introduction 🙂 Last weekend we went on a road trip to Mahabaleshwar, India which is known for its fresh strawberries. Coming back, I bought lots of strawberries, half of which we ate on our way back 😛 and the remaining I stored them in the freezer. So, I was wondering if I [Read more]

Apr 282015
Instant Mango ice cream - kids recipes for summer

Who wouldn’t love the combination of mango, ice cream in summer?? 😀 I doubt if there would be anyone !! My mango ice cream recipe is an instant version with taste almost similar to a store-bought ice cream but the texture is slightly runny since I am making a very quick version here without using an ice cream maker. When [Read more]

Apr 132015
Easy Coin Pizza on gas stove - breakfast recipes for kids

Most of you are already aware that I am a pizza fanatic 😛 I have shared a lot of pizza recipes already of which my Christmas tree pizza, garlic bread crust pizza, thin crust pizza, stove-top pizza were tried by many of you. I also have shared my homemade pizza sauce recipe which is super easy and tastes delicious.   [Read more]

Dec 172014
Crispy Homemade Dosa/South Indian Dosa (Rice Pancakes)

After lot of requests, I am finally geared up to post the most often prepared dish at home, Dosa. It is a very regular and most liked breakfast at home. Both me and my husband love dosas in any form – Instant Dosa, Vegetable Dosa, Utappam and the list just goes….. I serve them with tomato chutney, coriander chutney, tindora(dondakaya) [Read more]