May 202015
Potato kurma recipe or aloo kurma (restaurant style)

Potato kurma is a very commonly found recipe in almost all the restaurants. Often, aloo kurma is served in a lovely and rich yellow gravy. There are many ways to make this yellow gravy and I have my own version of it. This recipe is a lot similar in taste to what is served in restaurants and there are certain [Read more]

Sep 052014
Aloo Kurma (Potatoes cooked in spicy poppyseed gravy)

I thought I haven’t tried aloo curry in a while and wanted to prepare a spicy dish today. So made a regular spicy gravy with aloos. I used poppyseeds in it and this is a very commonly prepared curry at home. My mother rugularly prepares this and I actually love this recipe in the dry form. But today I packed [Read more]

Jul 152014
Eggs cooked in spicy tomato-onion gravy (Egg Kurma)

My mother often tells me that simple ingredients sometimes make an awesome recipe. She says that when we add a lot of spices or ingredients to a dish, we mask the actual flavors of the vegetables or main ingredients in it. I realized the truth behind it only when I started cooking myself. Now I understand that for some recipes, [Read more]