May 212015
Sooji Kachori with aloo stuffing

Sooji or semolina kachori is a quick snack recipe that you can prepare within a short notice. It is a crisp snack which has a sooji crust on the outside and a soft potato filling inside. This kachori uses sooji for the crust and hence is different in texture to what we make using moong dal or other dal. The [Read more]

Oct 272014
Sweet Potato Jamun (No Fry, No Flour)

Ever wondered if you can prepare gulab jamuns without deep-frying them in oil? Ever wondered if you can make them without using any flour?? Well, I know you are eager to know how it’s possible 🙂 Here, I am sharing an easy and healthy gulab jamun recipe that tastes as awesome as the regular ones. No deep fry, no oil [Read more]

Aug 142014
Moist Banana cake

I love banana cake or banana bread, especially if it is moist. Actually I do not like recipes that have mashed bananas in them. So, I avoided tasting banana cake for many years, but when I did I simply fell in love with it 🙂 Makes: 10 large pieces Preparation time: 10 mins Baking time: 40-50 mins Dry Ingredients: Whole [Read more]