Jan 302015
Cheesy Aloo Kathi roll or wrap with peanut sauce

Kathi roll or Frankie is a very popular street-food in India. It is very yummy and usually made with a stuffing of either aloo/potato , paneer/cottage cheese or mixed vegetables. Kathi rolls are also a very good dinner and lunch-box options, easy to make, comfortable to pack and have it while travelling too. My previous versions of rolls were not [Read more]

Oct 292014
Subway-Inspired Corn and peas Frankie/Kathi Rolls

I have previously posted a recipe for Frankie/Kathi rolls with mexican filling, where I used refried beans and coleslaw. Today, I am sharing a quicker version to it where there are 2 fillings – one is the Subway-style corn-peas in sour cream/curd and another is a typical bell pepper/capsicum and onion tangy curry. Add a pinch of chat masala and [Read more]

Jul 152014
Frankie/Veggie/Kathi wraps with Mexican filling

Frankie/Veggie wraps was on the luxury menu for us during college. I remember eating only during parties or birthday celebrations in our college canteen. It was a bit expensive to the pocket and hence it was always fascinating to eat it. After college I used to eat it whenever I could, but the wraps are usually made of all-purpose flour [Read more]