An award is always special, wherever it comes from or how big or small it is… A little encouragement and a little recognition takes us a long way in our endeavors and when it comes from our friends/people around us, there are no words to describe how glad we would be 🙂

First Published Interview on SmartIndianWomen

‘Kitchen Equations’ is featured on SmartIndianWomen. This is my first published interview as a blogger and I really cannot express my happiness in words. This might be a small achievement but this has really boosted my confidence as a blogger and I am more encouraged to try out and share many more interesting and unique recipes with you all.

The link to the interview is –

I thank all the fellow blogger friends and followers who constantly stay updated with my recipes and who post their valuable suggestions and thoughts on my food. Every comment is a way to improve myself and my food. I am grateful for them and also to all the people who have actually tried my recipes and even posted pictures of them 🙂 🙂 A big THANKS to you all. Kitchen Equations looks forward to your continued support and following and promises to come up with more food equations to get your yummy reactions 🙂 🙂  Happy Cooking and surprisingly this is my 100th post…..!!!!

Liebster Award

My first award-Liebster Award from Chitra, Vidya and Malar. Thank you for following my blog and appreciating it. I am so glad and this has been a very big boost to my confidence. Thanks a lot.


Chitra has a very healthy blog with numerous recipes. I love her combinations with flax and brown rice. I always get back to her blog when I want to cook something healthy. Do check her blog at Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen and am sure you will enjoy them.

Vidya has a wonderful blog with lot of Indian and International dishes. You can especially find some very authentic and traditional recipes in her blog. Do visit Traditionally Modern Food and as the name suggests it is indeed modern food with a traditional touch.

Malar has a very interesting blog with many sides/snacks and main courses. I love the simplicity and aunthenticity in her recipes. Do check her blog at Malar’s Kitchen and encourage her with your comments or shares.

The rules to this award are.

  1. Thank and link back the person who presented this award to you.
  2. Have the award on your post.
  3. Answer the questions that have been asked.
  4. Award the same to up to 10 other upcoming blogs.


Show us something you like around you or outside your place.

I lived in Chicago, USA and I love snow all around our place. Come winter and I always used to stare from my window. The white carpet all around… it was a dream come true to live in a place with snow all around me 🙂



Tell us something about your favorite book or author.

I love reading books about astronomy and space. It is my childhood dream/fantasy to get into a space shuttle and fly into space.


Show us how you are creative!

Well, I am creative at painting, cooking, interior designing and I also try out lot of hand-made crafts, toys and vases. A simple picture to depict it is below.


My nominees are.

  1. Charanya from Yes I am Vegan
  2. Apsara from Eating Well Diary
  3. Belinda from The Hungry Mum
  4. Sanjana from Feeding the Sonis
  5. Aiswarya from My Kitchen Moments
  6. Stephanie from Stephanie Eusibe Nutrition and Wellness
  7. Deepika from Taste For Tongue
  8. Helene from Cookie N Coffee
  9. Alice from A Life Moment
  10. Dreamer from DreamerNxtDoor

Congratulations all of you 🙂

Best wishes,

Poojita Krishna.


Wonderful Team Member Award

I am very glad to have received this award from Vidya of Traditionally Modern Food. Thank you Vidya, it is definitely a big boost to my confidence. I was out on vacation, so sorry for posting the award pretty late.


Vidya has a wonderful blog with varied dishes. She has a wide range of recipes for breakfast, entrees and appetizers. I adore her blog the most for the traditional Indian recipes that she has and also she was the first person to have commented on my blog J and yes, she was the first person to boost my confidence levels. Her blog has a very detailed explanation to her recipes and her photographs look delicious. If you need a variety of snacks/sides/appetizers, be it Indian or International, do visit her blog and you would definitely enjoy them.

The rules to this award are simple:

  • Just give the award to all the people you wish to
  • Mention the person who gave it to you, and
  • Don’t forget to include a picture of the Award

Here is my list of nominees.

  1. Chitra Jagadish from Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen
  2. Aiswarya from My Kitchen Moments
  3. Malar from Malar’s Kitchen
  4. Aruna from Aharam
  5. Jenn from Chivalrous Cooking
  6. Alice from A Life Moment
  7. Belinda from The Hungry Mum
  8. Liz from My Favourite Pastime

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Poojita Krishna.


Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I received this award from Vidya. Thank you Vidya for thinking about my blog and nominating me.

As the name suggests, Dragon’s Loyalty award requires us to nominate fellow bloggers and friends who are loyal to us by always commenting or liking our blog. It requires us to recognize and encourage all the bloggers who have always been kind enough to give their sweet suggestions about our blog/recipes.


Vidya from Traditionally Modern Food is my first blogger friend to comment and like my posts 🙂 I still remember how glad I was to receive my first comment. Also, Vidya’s was the first blog I gave a detailed study of and tried to cook some of her recipes. She has an amazing and detailed blog for various sides, desserts and appetizers. If you want modern food in a traditional way, you should definitely visit her blog as she has some of the best mom’s recipes.

I thank all my fellow bloggers, friends, family and well-wishers who constantly visit my blog and give their valuable suggestions. They have been very helpful to me and my blog. I also wish all of you good luck in your experiments with cooking and do stay connected 🙂

Rules for this award are:

  • Nominate Bloggers
  • Add the Dragon Loyalty logo
  • Give 7 facts about yourself
  • Tell the nominee people on their nomination

7 facts about myself:

  1. I love cooking, as you can already see. I am very passionate about cooking and also it is my therapy and relaxation.
  2. I love travelling. I plan for tours along with my husband whenever we find some time. We go on a lot of road trips and both of us enjoy them a lot.
  3. I always have one dream and ambition in life- to fly into space. I am very serious about it and trying to achieve it even professionally. Let’s wait and watch 🙂
  4. I watch a lot of movies, especially horrors and thrillers (I make sure I watch them when my husband is at home :P).
  5. I enjoy painting with poster colors. I paint scenery, cartoons and flowers and I also paint on thermocol.
  6. I love shopping. I shop often and may be always.
  7. I am a big NOOOO to pets, especially DOGS. They scare the hell out of me..!!!

Below are my nominations for this award. I tried my best to include all my friends who do not have this award.

  1. Chloe from Food Like Cake
  2. Ice Cream Magazine
  3. Liz from My Favorite Pastime
  4. Deepika from Taste for Tongue
  5. Aruna from Ahaaram
  6. Chitra from Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen

Best wishes,

Poojita Krishna.


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    Oh how kind and thoughtful you are! Thank you xxxx


    Congratulations on receiving all these awards. I hope you’ll one day fly a space shuttle to space. I would love that too!

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