Jun 162015

I shared many number of my typical south Indian side dishes for idly, dosa and vada. I shared my homemade chutney recipes, sambar and even some podis. To make it easier, I made a collection of 10 south Indian chutney recipes. I will add more as and when I prepare them 🙂




10 south indian chutney recipes


You can click on each link below for the chutney recipe.

  1. Coconut chutney
  2. Tomato-peanut chutney
  3. Peanut or groundnut chutney
  4. Onion chutney
  5. Onion-coriander chutney
  6. Ginger (adrak) chutney
  7. Coriander chutney
  8. Tindora or dondakaya chutney
  9. Tomato-capsicum chutney
  10. Tomato-coriander chutney
  11. Peanut-curry leaves chutney (NEW!)

All these chutneys can be served with your favorite south Indian breakfast recipe. I will soon try to share some easy kid friendly tiffin box recipes. I got few requests for them and I will try my best to come up with some lovely combinations 🙂

  4 Responses to “10 South Indian chutney recipes – for idly, dosa”


    Love the variety of chutneys and simply written


    Request kindly post Chatni recipes on my Email ID and many more south Indian dishes as well.


    awesome! thank you


    Tried tomato coriander chutney,it was awesome.Thanks for sharing.

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