Apr 282015

Who wouldn’t love the combination of mango, ice cream in summer?? 😀 I doubt if there would be anyone !! My mango ice cream recipe is an instant version with taste almost similar to a store-bought ice cream but the texture is slightly runny since I am making a very quick version here without using an ice cream maker.

instant mango ice cream

When I was browsing my site, I realised that I haven’t added any ice cream recipes and so posting one right away today. You can find many easy recipes that are already available in the site like 2-minute mug cake, smoothie, shake etc. There are also many recipes for kids that you can check here — kids recipes.

Do check my other dessert recipes —- dessert recipes.

instant mango ice cream

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 1-2 hours

Cooking time: 10 mins


Ripe mango pieces – 1 cup

Thick curd or dahi or yogurt – ½ cup

Honey – 3 tbsp

Slivered almonds – for garnish


  1. Put the mango pieces and curd in separate bowls in the freezer for atleast 1-2 hours till they are firm and frozen.
  2. Just before serving, blend the mango, curd and honey together till they are well combined.
  3. Serve chilled with a topping of almonds!!

mango ice cream


  1. The ice-cream may be slightly runny in texture compared to a conventional one. It depends on how long you freeze the mangoes and curd.
  2. Mine does not hold like an ice-cream as shown in the pics because I did not freeze it for long as my main idea was a quick and instant recipe.
  3. You can do this using other fresh fruits like strawberry too.

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    I want only veg recipies. Your recipies r v nice n simple. Thanks.

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