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Today, I share one of my very easy do-it-yourself (DIY) recipe — homemade bread crumbs without using oven. Normally, in a lot of cooking recipes especially koftas and patties, we keep adding bread crumbs to hold the patty well so that it doesn’t fall apart. So, I share with you a quick and super easy bread crumbs recipe using our readily available gas-stove or stove-top.

These days, bread crumbs are available in markets and bakeries for purchase. But, I have 2 concerns with it – one, I find them a bit expensive and second, usually they are made from white bread that uses maida or all purpose flour. So, I prefer making my own bread crumbs at home. I anyway make my own whole wheat bread every week and some slices are always left. So, I simply refrigerate them and make these bread crumbs once in 2 weeks time. This way, I know it is healthy because I do not use maida and also no extra bucks !!

Now, if you have followed my recipes, you might have observed that in a lot of my recipes, I substitute bread crumbs with powdered soy chunks or oats. I do this because, they are a healthier choice with good protein and fibre. But, in few recipes bread crumbs add that extra level of texture which we cannot avoid especially desserts. So, try this bread crumbs at home once and you will keep making it yourself from next time 🙂


homemade bread crumbs


Some of the recipes you can make with bread crumbs are — oats burger patty, tofu nuggets, caramelised banana, tofu tikka, instant bread ladoo, bread dumplings.


Makes: ½ cup

Cooking time: 5 mins

Waiting time: 15 mins


Bread slices – 3-4 (stale bread is best, may use fresh bread also)

Salt – to taste, optional



  1. Take a tawa or flat pan and toast the bread till it turns golden brown on both sides. Do this on the lowest flame possible.
  2. The bread has to turn crispy and dry on both sides. This might take around 10 mins.
  3. Remove from heat and let it rest till it cools completely.
  4. Once cool, blend the bread to a coarse or smooth consistency depending on how you want your bread crumbs.
  5. You can add salt while blending, but I prefer not to add. I add salt depending on the recipe for which I would be using it.
  6. Store in an air-tight container and refrigerate. You can use upto a month this way.


homemade bread crumbs


The next time you make malai kofta or cabbage kofta, try making your own bread crumbs, it is so very satisfying 😀


homemade bread crumbs

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